Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Elder Cleverley returns on June 27, 2018

Elder Cleverley reported to the Mission Home Monday, August 22, 2016!
Updates from his mission will be posted here.  
Thanks to family and friends for your love and support!


Elder Kade Adam Cleverley
Edificio Plaza America
Contiguo a Sears, a una cuadra del Mall
Multi Plaza
3 Nivel
Teguicigalpa, Francisco Morazán

Monday, June 18, 2018

Well this past week We opened a new area in a small town called Tamara. There has never been missionaries in this area and they plan on putting missionaries there next exchange. We looked for a house and as well started contacting inviting people to go to church for the first time this last Sunday. We where finding some people who have a lots of potential. It was cool to talk to people who  have literally never had the missionaries visit them. That's about it for this week.

The time has flown. Can't believe that i will be spending my last full week here in Honduras. Well ill let you guys know what happens next week.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Another great week! To start this past week off we had a family home evening with a less active famliy to try to get them reactivated. We have been having family home evening night every monday since ive been here. 

We where giving the lesson but this past week we where inspired to give the topic to the older brother in the family. He just turned 18 and we are hoping to be able to help him get the desire to serve a mission. Anyways, we gave him a topic and everything but when we got there he wasnt able to prepare something. 

What happened surprised us all. His 8 year old brother yells " i knew he wasn't going to do it so i prepared something". My companion and i and the parents just kind of looked at him and he just started to take over from there. It was pretty cute. He pulled out his list of who was going to pray and who was going to lead the hymns and we all just followed his lead. When we get to the message part he said let go to doctrine in convents section 60 or something like that i cant remember off the top of my  head. As we read it it talked about the importance of serving a mission. It was awesome to see this little brother taking the lead and being an example to his older brother. We where all surprised but it was a great lesson and hopefully his older brother was able to get the message. He did seem like the lesson made him think a little. 

That was the story of the week this past week. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

We are starting the rainy season here in honduras. Its insane how much it rains especially in this small town. We are getting soaked almost every day. Hope you guys enjoy the pics. We where soaked from head to toe. We where so wet that we walked normally through the streams that where in the streets. 

This past week Valeria got baptised. I will tell you guys real quick the story of her and her dad. Anyways, the dad was baptised a when he was a kid but he went inacitve for the longest time because of his dad who no longer gave him permission to go to church. Well after 20 years he went online and asked the missionaries online to send the local missionaries to his house. My companion and his other companion went to his house for the first time and ever since we have been teaching the dad eddy more and his daugter. Eddy just recieved the melchizedek priesthood last sunday and she just got baptised 2 days ago. 

What a cool experience. This is the first time this has ever happend to me on the mission. 

-my companion has spike-ball. 
- little fishing
-the book of mormon we gave ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​out on the bus
-a member found a baby owl but it already died
- little town

Monday, May 21, 2018

Alright i got my new companion. His name is Elder Permain and he is from Utah! We are just killing it in our area that called la Divina Providencia. Its a little tiny town in the middle of no where. I thought i was in a small town when i was in my second area but boy was i wrong. This town is so small but the people are so awesome. They don't have much! They literally eat beans, eggs, and rice with tortillas but they sacrifice so much to give us food and i just love them. I already have so much confidence with the people in this town. I can't wait to spend the next couple of weeks in this town. 

This past Sunday was full of miracles! We are in a group of members. Its not big enough to be a branch so its called a group. We are working so hard! Yesterday we where able to have 15 people go to church and and 13 of those people went for the 1 time. God has blessed us so much this past week and we just cant wait to see all the hard work pay off. Its going to be a incredible month of June for us. 

We live in the church as Well. Its a little interesting but I'm getting used to eat. Basically in the church and there is a small room that attaches to it and that where we live. I'm so glad that God has sent me here to finish up the mission and its going to be a good 6 weeks i can already feel it. Love you all. have a good week.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Alright everyone! Tell all your moms happy late mothers day for me. I hope they all enjoyed there special day. Moms just are the best! I don't know what i would do without my mom. 

I'm sorry i haven't been writing much i just have been getting pretty busy! So for some updates. Tomorrow we have changes and i will be moving areas after 6 months here in La Cañada.  I will be receiving a new companion and his name is Elder Perman. He is from sandy Utah. Don't know to much about him but its going to be a good time. I will tell you a little more information about the area and stuff next week.

Also i wanted to share a quick story that i read in the Book of Mormon. This story is found in Helaman 9 and it really just explains perfectly what a lot of people especially here in Central america believe about prophets. 

This is the brief story. Nephi the son of Helaman is preaching to the people about god and he is try to help them repent of there sins. He was a prophet but there where lots of people that didn't believe it. There was a group of people that wanted him to prove that he was a prophet. Nephi says go look at the chief judge because he is he has been murdered. These men didn't believe it and said ¨if that's true then we believe that you are a prophet of god.¨ The men go off and find the chief judge dead. What happened after that? The people still didn't believe he was a prophet. They also thought that Nephi had sent someone to kill the chief judge so he could look like he could see the future. When the accused him, Nephi just calmly told him go and confront his brother he is the one who has committed this crime. When they did they found out that it was true and after that is when people started to believe that he was a prophet of God. 

There are lots of people here in Central America that don't believe in prophets. This story just basically explains the time that we are seeing now. I have seen that at first people are very nervous about the idea of prophets. When people start reading the scriptures they find out why it is so important that we have a prophet. They with time start reading the talks of our beloved prophets and start to see that these men are really called of god to help us know what to do in these times. 

I'm so very thankful that we have prophets to guide us. I love helping the Honduras people  and families come to know that there are men that called of god  to lead our families. I know that my family has been very blessed because of the advice that we have followed.from the prophets. I know the Russell m Nelson is the prophet during this time. I feel so blessed and i cherish his words because i know that his words are what god needs us to know in this moment.

That's it for this week! I have to say goodbye to all these great people today in the La cañada. Its going to be rough. Wish me luck! Love you all.   

Monday, April 30, 2018

This past week we had a zone meeting and it was a really spiritual meeting that was super powerful. The theme of the meeting was (Venid a mi y os hare descansar) or (come unto me and i i will give you rest!). This scriptures is found in Matthew 11 28-30. Its one of my favorites. I know i say that about to every scripure but its just because there are lots of good scriptures. 

I love it! Its simple when we need help we turn to him and everything will be ok. He will help us along the way and he is willing to take upon him the other part of the yoke and support us. So cool! We are able to find rest through jesus chirst. He is always there for all of us!