Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Elder Cleverley reported to the Mission Home Monday, August 22, 2016!
Updates from his mission will be posted here.  
Thanks to family and friends for your love and support!


Elder Kade Adam Cleverley
Edificio Plaza America
Contiguo a Sears, a una cuadra del Mall
Multi Plaza
3 Nivel
Teguicigalpa, Francisco Morazán

Monday, August 14, 2017

Wow! The mission is the best! Yesterday i was able to call cezar. We baptized him in December and he is doing so great. He told me is starting his mission papers and just when he said that i just felt on top of the world. I can tell you i have had some times in my life when i hit the buzzer beater in basketball or caught  monster fish and felt like nothing could beat these feelings. But hearing cezar doing so well and preparing to go just was a thousand times better then a buzzer beater or catching a 24 inch fish. I just love him! He is going to do great! 

Anyways this past week i was reading a story from the bible and i'm guessing you guys have all heard it but i love the message it has. The story is about Naaman and elisha. 2 kings 5 9-14

So naaman is a commander of the Syrian army and he had leprosy. Well this is a disease that as you all of us know can be deadly. Back then when the people had this disease they where like cast out and couldn't really associate with people that were healthy. Long story short naaman ends up going to Elisha who was a prophet. But when naaman get to his house Elisha sends out his maid to tell him to go and bathe 7 times in the Jordan river. When naaman heard that he was angry because he wanted Elisha to get rid of this sickness immediately. So naaman he is a little reluctant and doesn't know why he needs to wash himself in the dirtiest river. he ends up doing it and is healed.

So this can apply to us in different ways, one is faith and the other is following the words of the prophets. We are so blessed to have a prophet today who truly receives revelation from god. We are given advice through prophets and i hope we can all have the faith to go in other words running towards the water of Jordan and jump in and wash up. As we follow the words of the prophets today we will always know the way. I would hope that all of will not be reluctant to the words of our beloved prophets like naaman was. Sometimes we don't understand the reasons for why we do the things we do but its always for a reason. We should skip the reluctant part, put our  trust in the prophets, and act to show our faith immediately. 

Elder Cleverley!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Hey everyone this past week i was reading some other talks from the past general conference and i just want to briefly touch on one of the talks that i read. the talk is called ´´perfect love casteth out fear´´ This talk talks about how we in this life often do things out of fear. President Uchtdorf talked about how fear has been the way to get people to do things. For example people with advertisements. they always put the idea that if you don't buy their product you're missing out in life. And its true we live in a world where we do things out of fear! But this is not ok!  If we do things out of fear it will not help us change change our hearts and it will not will not help us to feel the right things. As president uchtdorf said we should cast out fear with Christs perfect love. Then with Christs love we can replace fear with faith. 

I received a letter this past week from some that i love dearly and look up to in so many different ways that says ´´ .choose your friends with caution; .plan your future with purpose and frame you life with faith.´´ Wow! What a powerful quote! I know as we surround ourselves with people that bring us to Christ, and plan our lives by setting goals and make plans to meet these goals, and set fear aside and frame our life with faith we can accomplish all things. As we have patience, humility, and charity we are framing our lives with faith. We will feel Christ perfect love by doing these things which will bring feeling of joy, peace, and love. May we all cast our fear and replace it with faith which will help us to become better disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Elder Cleverley.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

Well! This week all I can say is - We were in a pickle.  First of all you need to know we have 2 families that we are preparing to get married and be baptized! We told one of the families that we would all go to start the papers this Friday. And the other family we had given the other family paper to the person that was going to marry them. We thought we where set but boy we wrong. She called us in the evening and said that we didn't have all the papers we needed to be able to marry them this Saturday so we were in other words in a pickle! We thought a minute and the words of my dad came to mind "Son there's always another way!" As i thought for a minute the idea came to me! Let's call some other elders and go on exchange to be able to accomplish everything. Although a little stressful we were able to get all the papers we needed and the family was able to get married and we hope the other family will get married very soon.

We all this said we should always remember there is another way! When we get in a pickle we need not to worry so much! This is something that i am trying to learn to do better. WE are all going to get in pickles in life! Its a fact! But if we can have this mentality and remember that when we have our loving family, friends, and more importantly our heavenly father we can conquer all. When these situations come whether it be situation with work, school, and just life in general there is another way! THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY! 

Monday, July 10, 2017

hey everybody i was reading a talk the other day from the past general conference that i loved. 

The talk was given by Yoon Hwan Choi one of the quorum of the seventy. he said " It is not easy for us to recognize the love of our heavenly father when we look around with our temporal eyes, because we see inconvenience, loss, burdens, or loneliness first. On the other hand, we can see the blessings beyond when we look up".

 When we look up to our savior he will give us the strength we need to keep pushing and to feel comforted in time of trial! We need to be careful that we aren't distracted in this world we live in. We need to always look up and know that  we have our heavenly father who has our back and is ready to give us blessing according to our obedience. When we are obedient he will bless us its a promise! Like it says in 2 Mosiah 2 22-24. We are blessed immediately when we are living the commandments of God. When we are obedient and always looking up and not around we will never get lost! family and friends look up! Be obedient in all you do! We have a heavenly father who loves us and we can never get lost when we are looking to him for guidance. 

Love you all! 

Elder Cleverley

p.s I'm sorry my English is terrible! You'll be happy to know i have my google translate always pulled up to help me remember how to write the word! EVEN WITH IT I'm pretty sure I'm spelling a ton of words wrong! 😂

Monday, July 3, 2017

Hello Everyone! Well as you all know this week is the week we all get together and go to the cabin! All of you know what joy it brings to me when we all get together and go to the cabin. The last year i remember thinking wow I'm going to be on a mission the next coming year. And I'm here today and can say that i am just as joyful to be right here in Honduras serving the people of Honduras. Yesterday my companion and i where able to have 8 people at church and 2 families and wow was it just a great day. I can honestly say that the joy i had to see all our investigators go to church was just as good as going to the cabin or even better. I don't think i have ever had such a bigger grin on my face as i had yesterday. We had to end up going on splits early in the morning to make sure every came and when almost every came we where just thrilled. I hope you guys have a wonderful fourth of July!

Love you all

Elder Cleverley