Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Elder Cleverley reported to the Mission Home Monday, August 22, 2016!
Updates from his mission will be posted here.  
Thanks to family and friends for your love and support!


Elder Kade Adam Cleverley
Edificio Plaza America
Contiguo a Sears, a una cuadra del Mall
Multi Plaza
3 Nivel
Teguicigalpa, Francisco Morazán

Monday, October 16, 2017

Well everyone! WE have exchanges today! Elder Thayne and i definitely had a good run. But it has come to an end! I will be getting a new companion his name is Elder Morales. He is from Guatemala. That's it for this week

Monday, October 2, 2017

This week Was a good one for Elder Thayne and me. We really made some memories that we will never forget. We where able to baptize 3 children of God this past week and it was just so great. We Baptized them after we watched conference. Funny story is that we actually were filling up the baptismal font while conference was going on. Elder Thayne and i were just like "we'll remember" but well we got a little distracted with all the good talks that were going on and the font overflowed . It was crazy. hahaha good thing all the churches here have tile. 

I hope all of you where able to get to hear conference. It is such a blessing that we have prophets that live today and guide their church. I hope we can all take their advice to heart and work on being better disciples of our Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ. 

 We watched it in English so that was cool. Here was our conference room. It was the best. We had air conditioning. It was a first for a very long time. hahah but love you all  have a good week.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Well everyone it was a good birthday. There are some members here that i just absolutely love here and we had a family home evening and invited a ton of our investigators. it was so great i will send pics.

I can't remember if i sent this pics but elder Thayne and i a few week ago where proving service for this investigator and so we ended up carrying like 10 logs out of a huge canyon. It was some hard work and wow where we tired these logs weighed so much and we had to carry them up a huge steep hill. The guy made a pig pen out of the posts so ill see if i can take some pics of the final  results.

have a great week

Elder Cleverley

Monday, September 18, 2017


This week has been so great. We were able to find some great people this past week and i just felt like i just got presents all week long. We had 14 people at church and like 5 of those people were found Saturday. It was so great to have so many  people there learning more about the gospel. 

Also we have an investigator whose name is Nay! He has inspired me to be a better person and has honestly strengthened my testimony so much. This guy was someone who drank and smoked and did some things he shouldn't have done but he has changed so much. As i have seen him change it just -wow - has been something that words just can't describe 

He never accepted a date to be baptized but we were able to put a date with him for the 30 of September this past week. We felt like the moment was right and we challenged him and he said yes. I have never seen someone change as much as nay has and i will always be grateful for him. He is a great guy and is changing into a person completely different. 

Well - don't have too much time but i'll throw some pics in of this past week. 

It has rained this past week a ton so the pic that has the huge jackets was what the members let us borrow so we didn't get wet. 

Love you all 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Ok well everybody here are the updates. I had exchanges and left my old area! When we got the exchanges they had an error so I will not be my dads last companion. I now have new a companion from Utah! He is from Lehi, Utah and this week has just been a blast. We are in an area that we walk and walk and walk but by the end of this exchange I think we will both have calves the size of footballs. We are working hard and Elder Thayne is great missionary! We have a ton of work to do in this area but we are excited for the challenge. On Sundays we go to church 2 times because we are starting a group on a mountain. We had about 20 people that went to church and we are hoping to grow this small group so we can actually build a wood house or something. Right now we just have a small tarp to keep the rain and sun off of us. 

The past sacrament meeting was honestly the most spiritually sacrament meeting that I have had on the mission. It started to thunder and rain but when it came down to the sacrament and the talks it just stopped. I could feel the spirit so strong even though it was like so different then what I'm used to.  IT was so incredible to feel the joy of the people to have a church that's closer to there house. 

 Like i said we have lots of work to do in this area. This exchange though will be unforgettable i just already know it.

 Love you all
Elder Cleverley