Monday, August 7, 2017

Hey everyone this past week i was reading some other talks from the past general conference and i just want to briefly touch on one of the talks that i read. the talk is called ´´perfect love casteth out fear´´ This talk talks about how we in this life often do things out of fear. President Uchtdorf talked about how fear has been the way to get people to do things. For example people with advertisements. they always put the idea that if you don't buy their product you're missing out in life. And its true we live in a world where we do things out of fear! But this is not ok!  If we do things out of fear it will not help us change change our hearts and it will not will not help us to feel the right things. As president uchtdorf said we should cast out fear with Christs perfect love. Then with Christs love we can replace fear with faith. 

I received a letter this past week from some that i love dearly and look up to in so many different ways that says ´´ .choose your friends with caution; .plan your future with purpose and frame you life with faith.´´ Wow! What a powerful quote! I know as we surround ourselves with people that bring us to Christ, and plan our lives by setting goals and make plans to meet these goals, and set fear aside and frame our life with faith we can accomplish all things. As we have patience, humility, and charity we are framing our lives with faith. We will feel Christ perfect love by doing these things which will bring feeling of joy, peace, and love. May we all cast our fear and replace it with faith which will help us to become better disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Elder Cleverley.

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